Travel To Bulgaria

Travel To Bulgaria

There are flights from 20 UK airports to both Sofia and Bourgas on the Black Sea coast. We can help you with your accommodation here. We can pick you up from the Bourgas airport and take you to the hotel, plus INFOMAX has an agreement with some hotels and our customers can use a discount. So if you tell us when you plan arrival we can book hotel for you and meet you at the airport. 

    Viewing trip
If you tell us in advance when you’ll come to Bulgaria, we can arrange viewings to fit your schedule. We don’t charge a viewing fee but we charge £0.20 per km to cover our petrol expenses. 

   What you need to bring
You will need your passport but also some Euros if you want to put deposit immediately. You can bring up to ?10 000 each into Bulgaria without declaring it in case you come from another EU country. If you want to reserve property you will need to pay deposit (usually 10% of the price and minimum of ?1000) which is non refundable. This ensures that the property is removed from the market and not sold to anyone else.


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